ICH BIN BERLINER! yes indeed... <_<

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ICH BIN BERLINER! yes indeed... <_< Empty ICH BIN BERLINER! yes indeed... <_<

Post  RmFTW on Tue Nov 11, 2008 6:00 pm

Ello.... i am here cuz well.. cuz i am here <_<
I came to a show cuz my friend [XxScreamxX[Cassandra]] & i rlly liked the music i heard sooo i will be listening every other sunday (i only hve high speed every other weekend due to divorce parents)
Im 17... I love Music... mostly Hard Rock tho.. I do like German i think it sounds cool... but i only know very few german words.. lol and willin to learn more >_>

As u can see i am also obsessed with smileys and dots... thts not all.. im a big geek O_O yuppers.. i play lots o video games... i use to be mmo-obsessed too lol but the 360 fixed tht..

Soooooo.... shower me with welcomes ^_^ i am pretty weird odd and crazy but my friends sum me up with funny and im good wit tht.... ^_^


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ICH BIN BERLINER! yes indeed... <_< Empty Re: ICH BIN BERLINER! yes indeed... <_<

Post  EmoDuck598 on Wed Nov 12, 2008 3:52 pm

yo :]

i'm EmoDuck (Marissa)


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