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Tokio Hotel Necklaces! Empty Tokio Hotel Necklaces!

Post  AdminJB on Mon Oct 13, 2008 1:56 pm

Just NEW In!

Available Necklaces:

1)ICH LIEBE TOM KAULITZ (red pick and has a guitar on it!)
2)TOM & ME ZIMMER 483 (marble green pick with a room key underneath writing)
3)ICH LIEBE BILL KAULITZ (marble red in color with a star underneath writing)
4)BILL & ME ZIMMER 483 (black in color with room key underneath writing)
5)ICH LIEBE GEORG KAULITZ (choose from green or blue pick, choose from star or heart underneath writing)
6)ICH LIEBE GUSTAV SHAFER (black pick with music note under writing)
7)HILF MIR FLIEGEN (blue pick with wings under writing)
8)ICH LIEBE TOKIO HOTEL (red pick with music note under writing)
9)TOKIO HOTEL ROCKS (black in color with megaphone under writing)

Pictures below. The text is engraved in gold on the necklace pick and all come with gold ring and necklace chord in design of your choice. The back of the pick is gold in color.

Really stunning!


Get a bracelet for an extra $5, so bracelet and necklace for $20!

Tokio Hotel Necklaces! WebCam_20081013_12442
Tokio Hotel Necklaces! WebCam_20081012_13327
Tokio Hotel Necklaces! WebCam_20081013_13461
Tokio Hotel Necklaces! WebCam_20081012_13381

Tokio Hotel Necklaces! WebCam_20081012_14054

Tokio Hotel Necklaces! HOTTT-1

Tokio Hotel Necklaces! Pbucket

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